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Origin of the idea

The recent trend is clearly the return at home and especially in the kitchen. Many TV cooking shows and cooking magazines reflect the trend of the decade that is to try to experiment in the kitchen by creating original and special recipes.

Most Greeks are becoming amateur cooks and need, more than ever, all those specialized cookware, utensils and accessories that make cooking easy, creative and funny.

What is Cook-Shop?

Cook-Shop is the specialty store chain dedicated to kitchen gadgets with 65 shops in Greece. In all Cook-Shop stores you can find a wide range of products (more than 2.500 sku’s) not only for gifts but also for everyday individual and practical use, that combines high quality with affordable prices. The products are divided in four equally important categories: preparation, cooking, serving and storage. These products are being selected very carefully for our customers from reliable foreign and local companies that trust our company for the exclusive distribution of their products in Greece.

Wedding List

Cook-Shop chain offers wedding list which covers all the daily needs of a household with exceptional advantages:

- Possibility of open or closed wedding list

- Gift check

- Nationwide network of shops (65 all over Greece)

- Branded gifts

Integrated Marketing Support

Cook-Shop is advertised intensively in mass media such as magazines, television and radio. This multi-dimensional way of communication has as result to successfully inform our customers about the variety and specialization of our products, and thus gain consumers’ trust.

Investors Profit

- Area Exclusivity

- Adequate margin

- Long experience of the Greek market

- Preparing and organizing all departments of the new enterprise

- Exclusive product assortment

- High quality products

- Marketing and advertising support

- Continuous Training program


- Love for cooking

- Store of 60-80sq.m. in central location

- Relatively small investment (equipment and merchandise are about 70.000 Euros)

- Love for working

For more information you can contact 0030-210-9478705 or cookshop@sarafidisgroup.gr

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