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Learn all about the seminars available n March with Vaggeli Driskas at the Driskas Test Kitchen by Cookshop.

Commencing 1 February 2010 the Cooking Seminars by Vaggeli Driskas wil be based at the Driskas Test Kitchen by Cook Shop, a fully equipped kitchen at 19 Lampsa St, Ambelokhpous (close to Panormou metro station and easy access to 2 Parking Stations).

The next series of seminars start in March 2010 and are geared to the beginner that wants to learn the basics of cooking and patisserie.

At the Driskas Test Kitchen by Cook Shop you can also choose from cooking seminars that collaborate with nutritionists and dieticians, wine lovers seminars, food tastings, master classes for professionals, all details of which you can find on a weekly basis in the Gourmet magazine in Sunday’s Eleftherotypia as well as Vaggelis Driskas website – www.driskas.com


Freshly made pasta: Learn how to make lasagne, papardelles and ravioli
Italian: Turn your hand to lasagne with seafood, papardelles with rabbit ragu and ravioli with alternate fillings and sauces such as cheeses, mushroom and meat.
Cooking with cheese: Paremegiano, Goats’s cheese and Formaela are some of the cheeses that we learn about and how to use them in a recipe. We make and taste formaela with sundried tomato tapenade, encrusted panacota parmegiano, goats cheese tart with basil and numerous other cheese based entrees.
Modern Greek cuisine: Cook the definitive roast lamb with an aromatic herb crust, perfect for Easter, lamb cutlets with potato puree infused with basil and a fricassee with a difference made out of seasonal vegetables.
The classic and much loved journey into the Mediterranean: At this seminar we learn about unique Greek food produce, how to use in mediterranean inspired recipes and how to serve them up for Easter. We make dishes with avgotaraxo, fresh spring cheeses…and many many other enticing mezedes.

The lessons are on every Wednesday (3/3, 10/3, 17/3, 24/3) in March 6 pm – 8 p.m. The seminars number 8 hours in total and the cost is 150 Euro.


Introduction to cooking with beef: We learn how to select the right cuts of meat for different types of recipes and explore cooking methods, we cook in a roaster and learn how to master the perfect roast with a wine based sauce, tomato based, lemon based and the classic rendtition of hungiar wuth eggplant puree.
Pizza and Calzone dough: Learn the secrets of how to make the perfect pizza dough, make genuine classic Italian pizzas and calzone with fresh produce.
Risotto: This 3rd week seminar is dedicated to the one of the most loved recipes of the world – the risotto. We learn about the different types of rice that are specific to risotto and together we make seafood risotto, risotto with cheese, with vegetables and…the all time classic risotto nero with squid ink.
Easter celebrations: We learn all that we need to know to make the perfect lamb on a spit,we make and taste mageiritsa and ovenbaked roast lamb leg and cutlets accompanied by various sauces and garnishings.

The lessons are on every Monday (1/3, 8/3, 15/3, 22/3) in March from 6 pm to 8 pm and every Saturday (6/3, 13/3, 20/3, 27/3) in March from 11 am to 1 pm.

The seminars number 8 hours in total and the cost is 150 Euro.


Desserts with Cheese. We kick off with the classic New York based Cheesecake, move on to a lemon ricotta based cheesecake, cheesecake made with Greek cheeses, Sifneiki honeycake and finish off with the Italian Easter dessert, pastiera napolitana

Chocolate lovers: In our second week learn the magic of how to create magic with chocolate and cream to create ganache and inspired tortes , chocolate sauces infused with different sauces, truffles and an inspired strudel of chocolate and hazelnut.
The most famous Italian desserts: Learn to cook the original, true recipe for Tiramisu, semifreddo with almonds and honey, panacotta : with a classic full cream taste, a light and airy yoghurt version and for something complelely different…chocolate and pear.

Sweet pastry: We prepare and make traditional Greek Easter pastries: tsourekia and koulouria..with a modern edge though – tsourekia with …chocolate and sour cherry, honey and walnuts and a surprise combination from Mexico..

The lessons are on every Thursday (4/3, 11/3, 18/3 και 28/3) in March from 6 pm to 8 pm.

The seminars number 8 hours in total and the cost is 150 Euro.


From Monday 8 February 2010 until 22 February 2010 you can contact Sophia Alexiou on 217 7216288 or Andreas Efstathiou on 6985083412, available daily between the hours of 12 pm – 6pm.

Payment needs to be finalized by Tuesday 23 February 2010. Please note that you will need to bring your receipt of payment to the first lesson to ensure entry.


You can make a direct deposit into one of the following accounts. When doing so however please take care to complete all your details when making a direct deposit in stating your full name and the reason for deposit!

For eg: Papadopoulos, Georgios – for the February Seminar.

PIRAEUS BANK: 5043-041940-858,

EUROBANK: 0026.0303.13.0200287257

ALPHA BANK: 386-002101-023768 .

Once payment is made we advise that there is no refund available except in the case that Vaggelis Driskas cancels the specific seminar for which you have enrolled.

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